Student Section

Student Section
Our College is ...

... recognized as an excellent institute of pharmacy for its outstanding efforts to provide quality health education

Late. Kakasaheb Mhaske Memorial Medical Foundation’s Kakasaheb Mhaske College of Pharmacy, Ahmednagar is included under the ambit of Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai, India.

With this milieu in mind, the Institute was established in the year 2006 with a vision to be recognized as an excellent institute of pharmacy for its outstanding efforts to provide quality health education to the remote rural folklore and to improve the health of society and with a mission to promote the health and well being of society by educating competent and motivated pharmacist by providing excellent pharmaceutical education in a stimulating academic environment and through research to discover, evaluate and implement new vistas of knowledge to improve models of practice and methods of treatment in pharmacy and allied health sciences from the rural to global level.

We strive to provide high quality Pharmaceutical education blended with the concept of pharmaceutical ethics so as to mould the conduct and character of the future health care professionals through the process of continuous quality improvement and up gradation of knowledge through optimum use of available tools of knowledge resources to contribute to the cause of making India a knowledge society for attracting global attention.

General Rules of Conduct & Discipline for Student

  1. Students studying in the institute if found including in anti-national activities contrary to the provisions of acts and laws enforced by govt  will be liable to expelled from the institute without any notice by the principal.
  2. If any of the statements made in application form or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his / her admission is ay any time found to be false or incorrect, such candidate will not be considered for admission and if already admitted his / her admission will be cancelled, fees forfeited and he / she may be expelled from the institute by the principal and prosecuted by Govt., if deemed necessary. An appeal against the order of expulsion however may be preferred within eight days from the date of letter expulsion to the Director of Technical Education whose decision in cases will be final.
  3. The candidate on admission shall be governed by rules of institute and also by the disciplinary rules prescribed rules prescribed by this institute for the students.
  4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college and its premises.
  5. Students are expected to or congregating in the corridor, laboratories, and class-room should be avoided. Students found indulging in these activities will be dealt with by the principal at this discretion.
  6. A Student having no journals etc may be refused admission to lectures and laboratory.
  7. In all cases of absences, an application duly endorsed by the guardian, stating valid reasons for his wards absence must be sent to the office immediately and in-case of absence on medical ground the application must be supported by a medical certificate from registered medical practitioner. Absence on any other ground will not condone for the purpose of attendance.
  8. Students must wear apron for all laboratory work.
  9. Students should not handle or misuse any of the models apparatus or books of the institute except with the prior permission of the principal.
  10. Students should carry at all times their identity cards and produce them for all inspection whenever told to do so by any member of the institute.
  11. Students are expected to read the notices put up on the Notice Board of the Institute. The institute accepts no responsibility for the loss of any benefit by a students due to his failure to read notice in time.
  12. Any change in the address of a student must be intimated by him / her in writing to the institute’s office.

Students indulged in any breakage or loss of property of the institute will have to pay for the same immediately.

Advantages of our Institute:

  • Prestigious campus at District City Place.
  • Good Infrastructure.
  • Experienced Staff.
  • Good Equipped Laboratories.
  • Hostel facility for Girls.
  • Placement Facility